Attend our two-day workshop for practical and hands-on service design training.

Attend our two-day workshop for practical and hands-on service design training.

Tesani’s Two-Day Service Design Workshop


I would highly recommend Tesani. They are very knowledgable and great facilitators. I learned many methods that I will start applying at work.


The team at Tesani Design excel at sharing their knowledge of service design through years of experience. Their delivery is a balanced approach of learning and doing that keeps the group engaged.


Tesani’s workshops provide immersive learning that focus on practical strategies, tools and methods.

In learning by doing, you’ll gain deep insight into how to better understand your customers, capture their service experience and journey across multiple touchpoints and guide you to develop and deliver great experiences for customers and employees by design.

Our goal is to give you what you need so you can apply service design the morning you return to the office.

We also can provide custom training options if you would like us to come into your environment and work specifically with your team with discussions and scenarios tailored to your business. 

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We deliver our 2-day workshop in a variety of locations that focus on getting people up and running with design thinking and service design.

Custom training

We work with organizations to develop training that best fits their unique needs and focus in their environment.






Workshop Overview

Curious about what our training covers? The following is a high-level overview of topics and methods you’ll learn about over the two-day session.

Creating Experiences with Service Design

If customer experience is the value proposition, then service design is the methodology to make it happen. Used by organizations like Starbucks, Airbnb, Marriott, Disney, the UK government and more, service design is a collection of methods and techniques to deliver a holistic customer experience that can become your competitive advantage. If you want to get up and running with service design, this is the course for you.

In this two day hands-on session, the focus isn’t just to get you to learn or understand service design, it’s to get you to actually start doing service design. You’ll learn and practice how to develop strategy, design, implement and efficiently deliver multi-channel service experiences to improve your business and help you stand out with your customers.

During the workshop, we take real life scenarios to work through a variety of methods, practices and tools. Highlights of some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Introduction to service design
  • Planning for service innovation/improvement
  • User and design research
  • Developing personas
  • Journey mapping
  • Service Blueprints
  • Design sprints and prototyping
  • Tips for selling and implementing service design in your organization

Tesani will also provide a workbook for all attendees as well as access to digital files and templates you can use.

Service design and its methodology is relevant for anyone that impacts the creation and delivery of a customer’s experience. This includes:

  • product owners
  • innovation professionals
  • marketers
  • UX specialists
  • customer service representatives
  • strategists
  • developers and more.

Most of us know that customer experience is a critical success factor. However, most don’t know how to create an experience by design effectively and efficiently. This is where service design comes into play.



How to Convince Your Boss

We know there a lot of options when it comes to your professional development and it’s important that your organization spend training budget wisely.

To help you convince your boss that this workshop is well worth the investment, we’ve crafted an email that you can pass along to help make the approval a no brainer.