Hello xxxxxxx,

I’d like to ask for approval to attend the two-day workshop “Creating Experiences with Service Design”. By developing the knowledge and capability that service design methodology offers, I’ll be able to bring back to the team the tools, techniques and approach that help us create experiences that will stand out for our customers.

Service design is the same methodology used by companies known for creating great experiences, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Disney, AirBnB and more. In this workshop, we will not only be learning the strategy, insights and techniques these companies use, but we’ll also be practicing them with relevant scenarios to ensure that I can put them into practice after the sessions.

What makes this learning opportunity so appealing is that it isn’t like other conferences where you listen to different people and what they’ve done and why. Instead, this is a hands-on session that shows us what to do and how.

I think attending this service design workshop will help me find solutions and best practices for these projects:



On top of this, I’ll make sure to submit a post-workshop report that will include an overview of key learnings from the session and a set of recommendations to maximize the return on this investment. I can also share relevant information with key personnel throughout the company.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.